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30 Years of Waterproofing Experience

Water damage is the primal enemy of your home or business, especially in the northeast! From harsh blizzards and torrential rains to humid summers and the ocean’s wrath, water damage costs billions of dollars a year! Invest in protecting your property with the family owned and operated Grand Contracting Co. Inc. of Brooklyn, NY.


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Affordable waterproofing for your home and business

With expert exterior and foundational waterproofing options from Brooklyn’s finest waterproofing company, your home or business will last for decades without costly water damage and structural issues.

Custom waterproof solutions

Silicon, R97 Teflon, Theracoat – all are complex materials! However, they are impressively good at protecting your home or business from water. We’ll assess your property’s water hazards, potential concerns, and develop a custom waterproofing solution that ensures complete protection.

Brick and stone deck waterproofing

Your deck is constantly exposed to the elements and moisture. Protect it with our waterproofing solutions and you’ll save yourself repairs that could total into the thousands! All our waterproofing solutions are affordable and come with hassle-free financing options!