Grand Contracting Co. Inc. Brick repairs
Brick repairs Brick repairs Brick repairs

Expert Brick Repair and Waterproofing for 30 Years

If you own one of the thousands of brick homes or buildings in New York, then you’re probably due for a brick inspection and repair. Your property’s brick joints become prone to cracking and leaking from the harsh winters and hot summers!


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Quality and affordable brick pointing

Pointing is the process of removing your bricks’ joints and mortar, and replacing it with new material. This adds decades of life to your building and prevents structural caving and leaking! If you have moisture in your home or property or a high energy bill, you may need pointing repairs.

Window lintel repair

Your windows’ lintels are the brick areas surrounding their frames. When you experience drafts or leaks around your property’s windows, your lintels are in need of repair. Don’t waste money with just any general contractor! Get specialize brick repair from one of Brooklyn’s finest masonry companies.

Easy financing is available for your brick repairs

Combined with competitive rates, you’ll never need to worry about breaking the bank when your property’s brickwork is in need of repair. Grand Contracting Co. Inc. works closely with you and our partnered creditors for hassle-free financing at excellent rates!